Petit Camembert Graindorge 150g

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Camembert is probably the most famous of French cheeses. The  white mould cheese was reputedly invented in 1791 by Marie  Harel, a farmer from Normandie who made the cheese for her  family from a recipe given to her by a refugee priest whom she  helped.  

This smaller version of Camembert is produced by Fromagerie E.  Graindorge in the heart of Normandy. Founded in 1910, it has been  through many changes over the years. Since 1970, it has been run  by Thierry Graindorge who has modernized the facility and  achieved PDO status of many of their products.  

The rind of this cheese has mild mushroom aromas that are well  balanced with the saltiness and supple creamy texture of the  interior. The flavour profile has typical cauliflower notes, which  intensify as the cheese ripens.  

Pair with a buttery chardonnay or a pear cider.

Delicious on its own with crusty baguette or bake and serve with
cured meats and apple paste.